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Here is another pic of Victorie. You can follow her on Twitter @VictorieFTW and don't forget to watch her in high def once full episodes of Inside The Bunker air.


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Screen grab (attached) with lots of flares from my first tests with the new BM4k.

This is the Rokinon 85mm lens, I believe it was at about a T.8 stop in this particular shot, with double stacked Skier IRND filters, .3 and .9

I believe the flares are doubling up due to the stacked filters reflecting off eachother, but honestly I kinda like the effect.

And for anyone interested, here's a quick edit of a bunch of random shots I managed to get yesterday (was losing light quickly):


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It does look cooler, Cheese. Nice. :)

That is a cool effect, Will. (Look out, J.J. Abrams!) Nice teaser video. Looks very nice so far. So, are you thrilled with your new gear?
This is a shot from my most recent photo shoot. I processed the image in color, B&W, and Cinemascope. Just to make life easy, I did a screen grab. Which version do you like better and why?


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Nice work, Lucky. Which one? That' a though one. They're all nice. I think the middle one. Is that the cinemascope one?

Why? I think probably because I'm a bit of a cinemaphile. It looks like a still from a classic Hollywood movie. So there's something romantic and comforting and pleasing about it. =)
Personally I prefer the colour one. The black and white doesn't add much to it, and the cinemescope one looks like an overdone cliche (in my opinion, maybe that's what you want from it though).
Umm.. cinemascope is a brand name of anamophic lenses used to get 2.35:1 aspect ratio, not a color treatment... i see black & white, sepia, and color. None of them are anywhere near cinemascope aspect ratio. :P