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Also into still photography?

Share your photo galleries with us. Flickr, SmugMug, Tumblr...whatever.

Also, would you like to share an individual photo that you're particularly happy with or interested in? Great! If you do that, you could also tell us the who, what, where, when, and how of it. What camera was it shot with? Did you shoot it in P Mode, manual, shutter priority, aperture priority, what? What lens did you use, if using an interchangeable-lens camera? Did you use natural or artificial light or both? What did you have to do to get that naturally lit shot? What artificial light did you use and how? Strobing? Please post your strobist details for the shot. Hot lights? What continuous lighting and lights did you use? What modifiers? Etc, please.
How do you post a photo in an I.T. reply? You can upload your photo to a site like Photobucket or similar, copy the direct link that they give you, click on the "insert image" button at the top of the post-a-reply-box in advanced mode, paste the direct link in the dialogue box that pops up, and voila, your photo should appear in your post.

Or, I think Premiere Members can just do it, right? So become a Premiere Member. =)

If you want to relate it to or connect it with filmmaking, tell us how you would have done it differently if you were doing a video shoot. Or would it have been the same or similar?

Want tips or advice for your still photography? Great! Want to share tips or advice? Please do!

Also, in trying to put this thread together, I found this not-so-old and awesome I.T. thread. Would be great if folks resurrected it. Or, posting your production stills here would be great too!

Production Photos - Share Yours

Or share your publicity stills.
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Here's a shot I snapped at Malibu a few weeks ago, after wrapping on something I can't talk about.

Heh, I just noticed I stuck 2012 on it. Whoops :)

Good thread idea. I need to get all my stills organised, before linking a site. Everything is strewn about in several places, rather haphazardly. Great incentive to clean it all up. :cool:


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That is a beautiful shot.

I'd happily hang that on a wall. Love those oranges and yellows of the sunset. Great framing and composition of the near silhouette and the sun and everthing. It's a beauty.

Good thread idea. I need to get all my stills organised, before linking a site. Everything is strewn about in several places, rather haphazardly. Great incentive to clean it all up. :cool:

Awesome! :)
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Was hoping for snow on this night, but no luck. :no:

Lores version looks a bit darker. Hmm.

Posting neat stuff in this thread; production stuff in other thread. :)


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Here's my flickr account where I post my photos, most of these are just single shots from a timelapse which I'm still editing together. They're all taken with the canon 600D with the 18-55mm kit lens. I always shoot in manual so these are all manually taken up shutter speed/ISO/aperture will always vary. All photos have had at least a little bit of RAW editing done to them

Attached is one of my favourites, Got up at 5:30am to get this (and the rest of the timelapse). This is one of the early photos in the sequence.

(Don't have a premiere account, so Its just links for me)

(I have this framed in my house, cuz it turned out pretty awesome),1080

(Cool Christmas setup, did a lot of After Effects color stuff to it),1080

(Just a badass sunset),1080

(And the most beautiful picture I have, which is my daughter smiling.)
It seems that I have two pics with the same file number. This is the picture that I meant to upload. It's a long shutter exposure while driving down a rain soaked highway.


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I really like that. It is a cool photo. I guess for one thing, it looks cinematic. Nice work. Thanks for sharing it. =)
Woh! That is awesome. Is it for real? Well, looks like you're really getting that night photography down. You really captured that star filled sky.