Star Wars Episode VII

Shut up and take my money!

And wow, I'm just so happy to see this set! It really looks like real, old-school Star Wars (from this small I'm-guessing-tattooine-scene). I mean, looking at it sitting there, even though it's new, was giving me some sort of acid flashback to my childhood. I love that he's not going full CGI, too.

Honestly I was not expecting to be fangirling so hard over this. I may have to get midnight screening tickets. It's like I'm 12 years old again. :D
Very, very cool that he's shooting at Pinewood considering that was where they shot the first. Not the same sets of course, but it's something that makes a Star Wars fan like myself giddy. :)

Also, I had heard that they were considering shooting in Tunisia, also like the original. Perhaps they will, and we will get to see some of the original Tatooine!