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  • No way! The Tim Burton/Mark Wahlberg "Planet of the Apes" is horrible. I'm talking about last years' "Rise of the Planet of the Apes". It's so great! It's a fun Summer Blockbuster action-y kind of sci-fi, but it's actually packed with all sorts of emotion, and it's got some intelligent social commentary as well.
    Hehe. Thank you, too. There is a long story behind the name of my "production company", Cracker Funk (quotation marks to signify the fact that my "production company" is me and whatever friends I can convince to volunteer). :)

    The avatar is a combination of the fact that I love the Planet of the Apes remake, as well as the fact that chimps are awesome, and also because I'm a guerrilla filmmaker (though of course I know that a chimp is neither a gorilla nor a guerrilla).
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