budget Soon doing our first paid gig, no idea what price to ask for.

Hey guys! So first question for me here.

We've been doing music videos for bands of friends so far, just because it was a fun thing to do. We've been approached by people now (which is a good thing obviously) and they are looking to pay as well.
Unfortunately we have absolutely no experience in doing paid work so we have no idea what's an appropriate price.

As a reference, this is some work so far.

Our stuff is pretty much no budget, the cost is the time we put into it. Shooting, editing, building sets/miniatures, going to locations. You've been there, you get it.

So based on the quality of what we've done so far, what do you think we can ask for, for a 5 minute music video? The upcoming shoot will include visiting remote places, building a funeral pyre to burn some witches at the stake, stop motion animation, miniatures, among other things.

Thanks for the help!
Why not get on YouTube and see who is doing similar work and posting about it, and then ask them? Tom Antos comes to mind, he's an independent film maker out of the right coast who's produced numerous music videos over the years. Watch a few of his videos, then drop him a line and pick his brain. Rea Indietalk's recommendation, Paul Wrighty, is a member of this group a valuable source of information. You don't need an exact price, you just need to get a ballpark idea of where to start your negations. And then negotiate.