RIP Pete Postelthwaite


In case you don't know him, just look up his pic and you'll realize you have seen him before. He mostly played supporting roles but his skills deserved more imo.
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Died from cancer at 64.

I went to a packed 10pm Thursday premiere of THE LOST WORLD, in 1997. One empty seat remained next to me. A girl in a baseball cap sat next to me. We did not know each other.

The movie started and the big game dinosaur hunter appeared on screen. The girl remarked, "That's Mr. Kobayashi, from THE USUAL SUSPECTS."

I turned to her and replied, "He was also in ALIEN 3, DRAGONHEART and IN THE NAME OF THE FATHER."

The girl was an avid moviegoer and she looked at me, like "WTF?" That is the true story of how I met my wife, Sheila (who acts in and caters many of our productions). Pete Postlethwaite is the reason we are together.... :bow::yes:

What a sad day.
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Certainly a unique actor who had been doing really well lately despite his illness. Always a shame, I hope his last movie turns out to be a fitting tribute...