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watch Power Up

From how many posts and comment you ve made on this forum, weatgrinder, I though you were a good filmmaker.. But after watching this.. Wow.. You re f****ing amazing! Awesome job! Loved it!

See what I just did there ?? ;)

Did you use haze machine to get the warm deep window light in the room, when the girl collapses??
That's beautiful, Dan.

Got an E-Z fix typo on your vimeo page:
"When a mans love drives... "
Man's is possessive, needs an apostrophe.
EDIT: Two thumbs up! ;)

Ideas from this to be applied to your next project, Hot Rod:
- The action in the jump cuts beginning @ 0:52 through 0:58 were/are so close enough they look more like frame skipping than time editing.
- I don't know if you wanted some of the beginning handheld camera work to be "as" uneven as it was. @ 0:58 - 1:07
- The sequence between 1:08 to 2:14 carries on a bit long.
- I like the "emotional isolating" slow pullback from 1:27 to 2:11. Might speed it up a bit, though.
- The laughter at the end was great. Absolutely wonderful.
- The closing credits graphics were also great. Did you build all that yourself?

Who here thinks Lindsae Klein's got that Kendra thing going on? :)
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