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Post your Youtube link!

I've been stinking up YouTube for about a year now


For all the work I've put into some of the videos, the one I shot testing my camera for 30 seconds pointed at a spider on the front porch has become the big sensation with almost 250,000 views.

Go figure!

I'm also working on reviving the lost art of Syncro-Vox, give the animation a look
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Youtube is more content driven, whereas myspace is more geared toward social networking. The money invested by Google and Apple (google owns youtube, apple uses them on the iPhone and in their media kiosk software "front row" on the apple TV) is spent on making the video delivery portion of their software better, followed by everything else...myspace isn't just video, so they spread their development across many avenues of interest to their users.

what is your opinion of the footage once it is online? Does it look better, worse, the same?

It proably wouldn't be a bad thing to have both maybe.....:hmm:

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I think the quality ends up a bit better on youtube...depending on the quality you put into the flash grinder over there...it all ends up small and blechy. I've liked the quality on revver and veoh best so far, the divx stage 6 (or whatever) site looks pretty good too.

I don't expect much at all from these sites, and I haven't been disappointed yet ;)
last week I shot a teaser trailer for the project direct contest on youtube. Since its on youtube, figured I'd post it here. Its a little shaky.

Budget: $0
Filming time: 1 hour.
Post time: 2 hours.
Camera: sony handy cam dsc-h2.

WARNING: By clicking the link you consent to be subject to insane amounts of noobish-ness! :) haha nah it's not THAT bad.... hopfully.

I'm sure there were a couple different shots, but that looked like basically the same running through the woods shot several times, and it felt kind of long.. Don't know that I've ever seen a trailer say "The End" at the end of it either.. BUT, the story sounded like it would have potential. Would be nice to know a little more about what happens though, but I guess for a teaser it's not totally necessary.