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I respectfully disagree. No site that uses a clause (which they all do) has ever stolen a move idea & then used this clause as their legal way out from having to pay the author and it never will happen. This clause is like any other submission agreement that protects the reciever from any frivolous lawsuits as well.
Very true! But I'm just paranoid.

...places tin foil hat on head, shakes magic 8-ball... :D
Hey all...found these popping up recently on youtube of some new trailers, films, and video's we did soundscapes and some music for. The first two are trailers of indie horror features heading to DVD in early 2007 we did soundscapes and partial scores for. The third is a band video we had a hand in the sound design in.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=856AlJeGd7c and here http://www.terrorfeed.com/index.php?id=killer-killer-trailer
and on imdb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0848551/

oh yeah and the tail end of this one:


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Photo Manipulation

Hey folks,

I released the trailer for my feature length indie horror a few weeks ago but I figured I'd plug it here as well.

We do have an official website, and of course a Youtube account. I'd love ot hear your feedback on this.

Title - Photo Manipulation (released in NY, December 2007, shot entirely in Montreal, Quebec)

Website - http://www.photomanipulationmovie.com

Youtube site: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLhCvTdycSw

Feel free to comment, critique etc.. Be gentle. T'is my first feature length.

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I don't have a YouTube account yet, but until I do, is my MySpace link okay?:


Pardon my lack of knowledge please :blush:

Would someone please tell me the benefits of YouTube over MySpace in terms of getting things online and seen. At least if I am on MySpace, I can see myself as networking. YouTube seems more scattered than pin-pointed, but many people seem to like it better. Can anyone give me some pros and cons?

Plus, the stuff that I have been doing is about 10 minutes which fits the YouTube limit and that is fine, unless something goes to 11 minutes. If I am already cutting something down, I don't want to cut it another time just to fit YouTube...

(edit: I missed that you can get a directors account to upload longer than 10 minutes, just saw it...)

-- spinner :cool:
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Youtube is more content driven, whereas myspace is more geared toward social networking. The money invested by Google and Apple (google owns youtube, apple uses them on the iPhone and in their media kiosk software "front row" on the apple TV) is spent on making the video delivery portion of their software better, followed by everything else...myspace isn't just video, so they spread their development across many avenues of interest to their users.