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watch Orange Crush

Good evening.

Here's the much anticipated short film we did for the Toronto 48 hour film challange. It was written, shot, edited and scored all in 48 hours. Wahoo!
Tell me what you think! If you need a larger version, or want to read the production journal, check the "Features" section of www.superguncinema.com or just click that.

Enjoy and be merry.
EDIT: Grr... post got really big. Sorry folks.
"And since then, I've picked up many a new hobby... like ham radio." CQ :cool:

I watched the larger version from the SuperGun site. Much better than the teeny version here.

Extremely well done, especially given the ludicrous 48 hour limit. (Some people think the IndieTalk 6-week challenges are rough... pfft)

I especially liked the poncho-park fellow, while doing his monologue. Monkey bars, indeed. :lol:
Wow... I really liked this! Good camera work, good editing. Great subtext on the monkey bars/slide scene i.e., pretty good writing.

The only thing I didn't like was Jim's friend saying "You didn't see me pay off some crazy person to stalk your girfriend, did you?"

Your film really kept me going till I heard that... Just seemed a little convenient to me. Other than that, I really liked it.

Keep up the good work.

Spatula--congratulations! This is great stuff, even without the 48 hour time limit. Writing, editing, directing are all nicely done!
FilmJumper said:
The only thing I didn't like was Jim's friend saying "You didn't see me pay off some crazy person to stalk your girfriend, did you?"

Hehe- be glad that the fire alarm pulled the plug on a previous version of the scene we were improvising. We wrote the whole script in sections, over the course of the first few hours, and half way through filming we had been editing between our shooting breaks... and slowly began to realize that our 10 minute time limit was becoming a lot longer. As a result, we had to do some serious trimming to keep scenes tight. There was a whole alternate scene in the original idea where "Remington" hires "Balthazar" to patch up the relationship he could never have but lived vicariously through... that got cut down.

We even imrpovised an earlier version of the "alley scene" (when the fire alarm stopped us) and it didn't boil down to anything good.. some classic lines like "I need to borrow your pants... somebody took a crap in mine", but nothing worth keeping. Anyway, we ended up working out the last two scenes on set, trying to minimize dialogue because we had so precious little that could be cut. Anyway, so we had to establish in the alotted 30 seconds for the scene that his character had somehow initiated some gears causing the two to re-unite and THAT'S what happened. It all boils down to not enough time, but we got one hell of a laugh from that line, because it's so freaking insane it hurts.

anyway thanks for the critiques and compliments guys.. watch the bigger version on the site!
Hail Macbeth!
Man that was fantastic! You guys have a great gift for the silly humor. Loved the Remington and Balthazar characters...also the flash back of the relationship (nice prat fall).

"If there's one thing I've learned in my 11 1/2 years living in sandboxes..."

"God gave you ears Child! You'd do best to use them."

Awesome quotes. Awesome movie, ESPECIALLY for a 48 hr project! great work.
Just recently got around to watching this. Good stuff! You guys have an style with your sense of humor. Fun to watch and didn't drag at all.
Downloaded the bigger file...Loved it even more. At first viewing I was more intent on the jokes and I missed out on some of the great camera work on display here. I guess that makes me a Lazy Harrold.

Also checked out the trailer. That is a great song.

Thanks guys! Glad to know there are a stoutworthy bunch of folks out there who appreciate fine art. HAHA. I'm so ludacris.

I will pass on the song compliment to Kirill, Poke. Or maybe he'll be around. Him and Sean composed that song when we knew we had some spare time to mess around. Sean's lyrics are a phenominal insight to the human race.
Stop poking me! :P

Thanks everyone for the nice words! I scored this film and shot it along with geoff (tho only one DOP credit could be given).

the "Yes I Have" track was written and recorded by myself and sean did the lyrics and singing. We had a blast on it.
...I did endeavour to view your short but, alas, my computer crashed twice and quite simply refused to download any version of it. Not even from the site. 'Twas not meant to be.... I'm sure it was great!
(maybe its too humid here, I'll keep trying to get it)

--spinner :cool:
Orange is the color of Good

I have to say I really liked this. :clap:
For being done in 48 hours it's put together very nicely. I thought the shots with the refrigerator opening were a nice touch...different look at the scene.

The opening shots with the credits were done nice too, a lot of films don’t stay consistent with the little things, but you did.

The fact that this was done in such a short time frame reminds me of shooting at NYFA for finals week…always doing a million things at once...….grrrr.

The sandbox character was great too…great lines. “11 1/2 years living in sandboxes..." damn that was funny. :yes:

Good job all around.

I haven’t had Orange Crush in years, I think I might just go to the Quicky Mart and pick me up a 6’er. :cheers:

Chris Cayden
actor | film maker | writer
I stopped watching after a little while because I had already seen enough. Looks like a great attempt at something original. Camera tricks fit well together. The credits seemed a little long. Grabbed my attention, good job.