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check the welcome, my welcome 129 views, no one say hello, and we have another welcomes, a lot of, and no one say nothing or 1 , 2 replies.
u think that this is normal...ok, u welcome.
Hello! :welcome:

On one hand, it seems I have done nothing, the past couple of years. The truth is, I have done quite a few things, but they have been paid commercial/industrial gigs or favors, helping on other people's projects. There's little that I find interesting enough to post about. A lot of it is spec or private. In fact, I would risk trouble if I talked about some show producers who stiffed me, or a feature "producer" who threatened to sue me, after I worked several months, for free, on his no contract movie, etc.

I need to get back to fun, creative narrative shorts and features. Those I do post about. I will soon shoot a short comedy about a hitman who can't get the job done. I also need to put together a video of the last Las Vegas IndieMeet, as there were some interesting comments about the state of the industry, from those in the know. Soon!


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I just did some shooting yesterday

That c-stand & boom pole holder combo was a god damn LIFE SAVER
Or at least a back saver for yours truly. Let me relax and focus on directing.

Why would you be surprised that people aren't talking to you when, so far, you've only posted about yourself? That seems the more obvious 'activity' problem here.
hello ! Thanks for telling me about our projects.

About NiclClapper, the problem comes when one introduce oneself, and no one say anything, it cuts the communication is like in real life, you imagine the situation? enter a room with people, say hello and no one answers ....
I really want to participe with people and i like to talk, is only a communication error.