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music New track of mine, written in an hour and half

Techno\industrial\electronica is one of those genres thats not as easy to write as it looks from afar. To be clearer, it's very easy to write boilerplate electronica. It's quite difficult to write something that stands out from the pack. The main issue with the format is that 10 million lazy DJs have created this ocean of nearly identical music essentially devaluing the currency of the medium. So the way to counteract this is to study the truly great artists, and try to grasp what makes their work unique and valuable.

In more practical terms, try unusual starting points, conceptually, in terms of tempo, instrumentation, etc. Try to make the slowest techno song you've ever heard, I wrote one the other day at 55 bpm. Set a goal for yourself to create something where raw impact is the only stipulation. Try making an electronica piece with no drums. Crossbreed genres, make a Celtic industrial song. Creativity is key, and expressing thought and emotion in a medium typically devoid of it.
I can DM it to you when I finish it. I have issues posting music because 1. I often don't finish a track to my own satisfaction, and just discard it. 2. I hyper curate music releases, meaning if I work really hard on one set of songs, and haven't released anything for 3 years, then the first thing people hear from me is a half finished outtake or something, It lowers my stock, vs just waiting until I have something I'm really confident of to release.

Right now for example I've been developing that new style I was telling you about for around 6 months, but the speed and precision required is so high that it's really hard to get solid takes. Mainly the precision has to be flawless at speed, or the effect is ruined, so I really have to wait until it's right to debut it, or it kind of screws up the impression I'm trying to make. I'm almost there, you'll understand whenever you finally hear it.

I'll try to finish off that 55 track soon, since that one obviously doesn't need high speed precision, and send it over. Right now I have to focus for a few days on finishing off the 2nd Save Point recruiting advertisement so we can launch that campaign. Anyway, I'll get back to you!
Nate, try not to over think it too much. I just wanted to get an idea of what you were talking about. Here's an old example of mine, where the pace becomes really slow, then builds:

This is embarrassing. lol. I assumed it was Mk replying back, and didn't notice that the message was from you. I had just had a long discussion with OP about music the other night, and was kind of replying from the perspective of that conversation. I'll try to dig up some examples to send. I'm just so hypercritical of myself when it comes to music that I rarely post.

About your track. I loved it! I'm actually a big fan of John Carpenter's music, and I also feel like you've got a real shot at writing spec music for AHS or Stranger things. Pretty cool DX7 type work there!