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I could spend literally hours recommending music videos, so I'll just go with my favorite one: Turbo Killer.

Seth Ickerman has influenced me so much, and this music video was his first step on achieving that. I'll paste the Vimeo link, better quality!




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It's a few months old -- but still from this year. I found it really slick with all the animated transitions.

Just having that blue screen available makes me want to remake this video so it takes place in a Sears. I think that flaming tree and crucified lady would go great in the housewares section, next to the grip mats and egg beaters.
Yeah, it's not bad. I've actually made some major progress on this thing. I'm going to have to hurry though, because just overnight it went from nobody doing this to 1000 people trying to do it. I've got it solved now, but the solution is pretty work intensive, since you have to train and tune multiple custom models for both input and output. You won't believe what the final solve will look like, with significant work, I can get this extremely close to cloning any major stylistic. Not just animation either, at some point within a year or so, I should have the option to convert UE5 output to photoreal output via the chain of connected AI's. This whole thing is way bigger than anyone realizes so far. It's in a primitive state now, but at maturity, it's going to do a lot more than just turn things into animation styles. Even that one thing will likely produce 3000 animated films over the next two decades, probably more.