software Need alternate video editing tool

I am looking for advice in selecting a solid video editing tool that I can use as backup or as a new primary tool.

I have worked with 4 or 5 video editing tools over the years. Recently I'd settled on using Adobe Premiere Elements - mostly because it was free with Photoshop which I like very much. But a recent Mac OS upgrade has made it impossible to use .mov files. I finally got through to Adobe support. They were aware of the problem and are "working on a fix". I've been waiting at least a month and no sign of a software patch from Adobe. I'm not sure it will ever come as I bought Premiere Elements 2020 and they are now trying to sell the 2021 version. Also, their focus seems to be their online tools

I also have iMovie, but have found the interface sort of clunky. It's chock full of gimmicks that don't appeal to me, but clutter up the interface.

These days I only work on my own personal projects - including travel videos and family history videos. So I'm not interested in spending thousands of dollars on something designed to edit feature films.
Thanks! I will try translating the format and see if it will "see" the file. The solution you indicated is for an older version of Premiere on Windows. But it's something to try anyway... Please note that I've been loading .mov files from the same devices into previous projects with no problem. Things suddenly stopped working when I updated my Mac OS.

Still I am interested in a backup editing system. These sorts of problems crop up from time to time and it's nice to have an alternative.
You're using the most recent Mac OS.
You don't want to use an on-line editing system.
You don't like iMovie.
You don't want to spend thousands of dollars.

Have you considered the $300 Final Cut Pro?
Is there a reason you are not considering Adobe premiere pro
I don't like the idea that my data would be on the web. Even if it resides on my computer, portions could be uploaded during processing. I have never seen any verbiage about how that data is handled so I presume it is not a consideration for everyone. I especially wouldn't use it if I were working for a client.

Also, I don't like the idea that I HAVE to be connected to the internet to work.

Finally, it's pretty expensive unless you constantly stop and start your subscription.
I don't like the idea that my data would be on the web.

It doesn't really work like that out of the box. You have to put in some real effort for your data to get uploaded.

Also, I don't like the idea that I HAVE to be connected to the internet to work.

If memory serves me correct, you need to be connected every 30 or so days.

It's a problem for air gapped systems, but if you're using Premiere Elements, there's no way you have that kind of requirement (from a professional stand point).
I don't like the idea that my data would be on the web.
Creative Cloud is just a fancy name. It's not on the web. You download the software to your computer and you save files to your computer or the cloud. I have CC. It's the same as before. Except you always get the latest updates and everything is made easy. Cloud is a very foggy term and it's been abused. With Adobe, nothing is "in the cloud" unless you want it to be, which is good for easy backups! And no, it is not web-based at all. It is downloadable software.