producing Making a movie about ONE person talking about a war.

Dear members,

Last Christmas/New Year season was a happy time for me, as I discussed the various aspect of film with you and even got to watch, "12 O'Clock High". This season is also a happy time, as I continue to progress in my goal. And, as always, I want to thank the regulars here for their encouragement and patience for all these years, as they help me find myself through my artistic passion.

And that passion is writing, as opposed to film or other artistic endeavour. I still want to be a filmmaker, particularly a writer-executive producer, because film is, ultimately, the most powerful means of expression. But writing would be my skill set.

With that in mind, I have been doing several storylines, of which I list a few

1) A history of the Second World War,
2) A trilogy of short stories involving Superman,
3) A Buck Rogers story,

And various others.

Getting to the history of the Second World War, I did do substantial research and work on it, many years ago, and I'm revisiting it. Military history and military studies is my passion, so that, along with military science fiction, would be a natural genre for me. I did send some samples to a history professor at Stanford, who said my prose was lively, and the book, if it was ever made, should be of publishable quality. I stopped, because my career took off, but, now, I can revisit that history again.

With this in mind, I have been thinking of putting bits and pieces of that history into film, with one person talking - that is known as a soliloquy, and one of the more famous pieces would be Hamlet asking if he is to be or not to be. Another one, for sci-fi fans, would be Rutger Hauer's famous last speech in Blade Runner.

I would like to do a short film or series of short films talking of WW2. My hero is Winston Churchill, so I write in the lively prose that he did. As I thought about it, one possibility would be to get an actor to be Winston Churchill and speak it out, like the scene in "Darkest Hour" below. But I would like to be the person speaking it, not as Winston Churchill, because I don't want to be an actor, but as a narrator.

Things are bubbling for me, and I sense a time is coming to start filming.

Well ......

I have been thinking that maybe I should focus on writing first, because that's my creative passion, and the members have kindly suggested that I should write what I want to write, then pitch it for development funds. That's the route that many professionals above the line have suggested, except they say do a script then pitch, as opposed to do a book then pitch.

That said, I'm open to the idea of short films, just for the hell of it. The other issue is that I may still have to finish my legal career, so I may NOT want to be a mogul yet - as I've learned in life, I should finish one journey before embarking on the next, and I've regretted it when I focus on the task at hand. This is one of the many lessons I've learned in my life, which may not be appropriate for others, but I have a path to follow.
LOLLLL so you talk for a whole year about how to shoot a sci-fi on the lowest possible budget by showing two people talking but you didn't really mean it because you only want to write and aren't done lawyering. Got it. 😂. I surely won't be posting anymore in these threads.
I think Joul Haver can make a one person talking intresting.

But I don't think he spends a long time talking about it. Lots of improv and vulnerability. Its different then putting Churchill on a beach and have some dialogue and also giving the audience an emotional response. Why should we feel something? I stated re watching Triangle of sadness where the captain of the ship (Woody Harrelson) starts reading from Noam Chomsky How The World Works.

It works because there fake world is crumbling around them.....
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