Looking for a investment into a new project.

Hello everyone, I am glad to be part of the film Community and the more I continue to write these epic stories makes me want to put it on the tv screen or theaters near you. It all starts from scratch obviously, but I am working hard to find someone who is willing to take a risk with a small amount of money to help support the cast and crew for there time on set, and also for the equipment and CG needed for the show. We want to provide an epic story that makes you wanna keep watching and a exceptional experience with our new show. We are shooting on scheduled days as we move along through time but also looking to pay our team and actors for their talents with GMS.

The show was called The Mage Shorts but went through some big edits and the title was changed to Vexus. This show is about Vexus getting in trouble with the law for and accident, which bring him against the toughest gang in the city, along with balancing his other Lucid life in his dreams where he gains the power of the mage and learns the meaning of a parallel universe. The story does continue into another final season, which would be season 2. We are just judging on what season one will bring back to our investor and to the GMS company.

GMS wants to provide epic films and tv shows that makes you wants more. We take the talents of our team and actors and want to show it on screen big or small, by giving them how much we take there time and talent serious by giving them not only a position that matters on set and infront of the camera but to pay them fairly for there hard work and dedication to the project and company. We aren't huge company, just a few members who started about a year ago in a half ago decided they want to make epic stories and hire creative directors and actors to fulfill the expectation of "we always want to meet the audience expectation from 7 years old to 35 years old." - Founder.

Vexus is our first promise to GMS and we really want to either reach a streaming service and theatrical openings, for our films and tv shows. Vexus season 1 is small cast and crew that some days will be shot guerrilla style shooting. Even though we are telling a fictional fantasy story we want it to feel as real as possible. A risk...right. We are willing to bet on our team and actors to get it right. GMS is hoping someone can take the risk like we are willing to do, to help us bring continuous talent to our company, and movies and tv shows, animation to high platform streaming service.

If there is anyone who is willing to talk about investing for this new tv show please email me at GalaxyMageStudios@gmail.com.
If there's anyone that can point me to the right direction towards a streaming services or anything that can help push this project further along please feel free to email me or message me here.

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