Lockdown Film - Sci Fi short

Hi everyone. So I'm embarking on a short film written and produced during lockdown. Its going to be 100% greenscreen and is both an exercise in VFX and a proof of concept for a larger idea. I have a couple of drafts of a script under my belt, and I have already started making the CG assets. A few ships, some are older ships I made, some things are kit bashed and some are total originals. Its a mixture of where can I save time, what will look great, and where will 'good enough' do.

Welcome to the production diary of 'Sorry We Missed You'.

Logline: 'A deadbeat interstellar delivery driver is returning to Earth after a long haul journey to the other side of the galaxy. A temporal event occurs that erases the Earth from history before his very eyes, yet somehow he and his sentient space ship are protected from the event's effects. Now he is the sole human left in the universe, left with the unenviable task of restoring the timeline and saving the Earth!'

Its a learning project to be sure.

1: I've written the script in FadeIn which I have been really impressed with and may treat myself to.
2: I have the crapiest greenscreen set up ever. We will see how that goes.
3: Not a lot of room to work. Basically in my front room.
4: Not much time really. I intend to get this done before whatever the new normal of the world will be returns.
5: I'm doing all the VFX in Element 3D and After Effects and I'm also recording the dialogue myself.

Lots to go wrong, but lets see how we go.

Here's the protagonist's ship known simply as 'C'.


Here's a test of inside the ship in the corridor just behind the bridge.


And here is my green screen :) (Will defo give it an iron before the main shoot...)

Rotot (0;00;21;27).jpg

Anyway, that's where we are at for now. I'm working on a few vfx shots. Here's one of them, I'll keep you up to date as I go. If you have any questions, fire away.

See you soon,



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Ah, its all good man. What you had looked nice though. Maybe sometime you'll pick it up again. I'm pushing to get ready for the next year, hoping to blow this last year out of the water with productivity and inspiration.
Its been one big funk. Although, silver lining is I've been learning Unreal (a bit) and blender (a lot)


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