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no problem. I'm guessing that if I came up with something wholly original, you wouldn't like it, because that would still be me trying to add more humanity and motivation to the character. I understand that a lot of people find the Joker alluring just as he is.

Haha, to be completely fair I'm a sucker for cheesy stories in most cases. 😁 And as they say everything you could possibly think of has already been thought of by someone at some point in existence (my literature teacher used to say it whenever the students called something original in a story)


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Hm that's a possibility. The way I saw it she was a bumper for him.
to assure his jokes were funny. To "take care" of his arousal after the killings. To lift his ego when they stopped at the magazine and she was praising the Joker and such. Like she was only in the picture as a tool for him to use in that moment and then put back into a box if that makes sense? Maybe it was his messed up way of wanting bonds maybe it was just another of his imaginations to make him feel "the man".

And hey, Scoopicman and sfoster I absolutely did not mean to offend anyone I just got excited after few glasses of wine while writing my point of view. Which is the part that I loved about the movie, you might have seen it one way and I could have processed it completely different way! It all goes down to our own experiences, outside influences etc etc. and I am sorry if I came off as condescending. But I do strongly believe this movie meant to do that to viewers - create multiple choices with everyone seeing it their way.

If your interpretation as an audience offends someone here then theyve got problems lol
Hated it. Well made. Great performance. But,.... where was the brilliance of the Joker (the man)? A mentally ill guy gets a gun and learns how to kill. Really? Where was the thin line between insanity and genius??? All I saw was the former. This guy seemed so inept.

Mean Wall Street thugs? Ha ha ha. Sure, I could picture condescending, disrespecting smart asses, but as bullies on a subway?

That Joker dance routine. If I saw that one more time, I was to throw my hands in the air. That's really the most he could offer? Again, I wanted to see some of his insane creativity, but didn't get that.

The movie itself was slow, depressing, and had a level of verisimilitude that went against the kind of escape and enjoyment that one might seek from a DC movie. This is all just my opinion, but I'm kind of sad that young people are seeing this and getting inspiration from it. I took my 13 and 21 year old boys to see it. They seemed to like it.

but there are multiple jokers, the batman universe itself acknowledges theres at least 4 (with 1 being dead) so 'Joker' spawned a string of copycats baring the name... this is the origin of the story, of the original 'Joker' (the mentally ill man and string of events that lead to the uprising and copycats) not the story of the 'evil genius' batman villains that came later
We need to see more of her... I found the Joker to be a very boring movie, yeah I understood everything, but I still think it was just 'meh'.. And I'm certainly not an MCU fan, I think those are getting very stale (especially for what they cost to make).

To a degree the film is very similar to other films such as Taxi Driver, though I viewed it as well done given comparisons to much of what comes out of Hollywood. My favorite scene is pretty much the same as everyone else's.