ITPS Judging Begins

The Indietalk Perfect Sandwich Judging has finally begun!

The entrants are:





Psychosis Media









Lucky Hardwood



I will be preparing each sandwich as best as i can, taking a picture of it and posting a short review in this thread.

Once all the sandwiches have been tried, considering the number of entries and categories we received, i've decided to announce 3 winners.

3rd and 2nd place sandwiches will be named after the users and given filmmaker or filmic description as to why they won.

1st place will be called the Indietalk Perfect Sandwich and the user will ofcourse be credited.

As always, im open to any ideas and suggestions anybody might have. You can still enter (and view the original recipes) by posting in this thread:
But im going to close it down in a couple of days so that we can focus on dividing and judging the entries we already have.

Thanks for participating everyone and the goal of this fun challenge was so that we could all get new recipes and try new sandwiches. Hope everyone is taking the opportunity and doing that. And if you do, please share your opinion and thoughts in this thread. People went to some effort to write and submit their recipes for us and they should be rewarded with some feedback.

Now let's get on with the sandwiches!
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This week i tried the JoshL Sandwich:



A couple of notes first:
1. You may notice that it looks like there are two slices of cheese in there together. That is just the part they were overlapping and i happened to make the cuts there.
2. The bread does have cheese baked onto it but only on the outside. Sorry, Josh. As you can see, i do not have access to your girlfriends bread ;) You should be relieved.

One word for this: Delicioso! But im sure all the sandwiches are going to be delicious.

This is basically cheesy version of a ham and turkey sandwich. And it is damn good!

Slices of ham and turkey are alternated with Havarti cheese in between. Romaine lettuce and thinly sliced fresh tomatoes stack up neatly on top and all of this is contained within cheese bread with a slight spread of mayo. Refrigerated and served cold.

I expected the bread to be tough and hard to bite into after refrigerating it for half an hour but unless you leave it overnight, the bread still remains nice and soft. However there is a lot of cheese in this sandwich. From the bread to the many slices of cheese it takes to alternate between four slices of meat. But that is not a bad thing. If you like cheese, this sandwich is for you. What's even better is that all the cheese does not overpower the senses or take over the flavour entirely since Havarti is light one.

All i can say is im glad i made such a large sandwich out of it because i was still not tired after eating half of it one night and it was the first thing i dug into when i woke up the next morning.

I highly recommend everyone give this a try. You find the detailed recipe in the thread link provided in the first post.

Well done, Josh!
The second sandwich i tried the next day was the Ussinners Sandwich:


Thank you for making me make my own garlic bread. It punched up a sandwich that could have been just simply boring. Instead, the fresh hot garlic bread coming out of my oven combined with crispy bacon and hot roast beef turned into an event.

It takes a little extra time to make the garlic bread yourself and you have to be careful not to add too much butter or garlic. Imho, a light spread of butter, just enough to let the minced garlic stick to the bread. And only one side of the bread. And im saying this even for garlic lovers. With fresh garlic, not garlic salt or anything like that, it is very easy to overpower the senses and turn the rest of the ingredients into nothing but tasteless mush. Take a little care and time when making this simple sandwich and you'll be rewarded with something incredibly tasty and flavours that are alive.

Thanks, Ussinners!
Easily the most hunger-inducing thread that will ever be on this board! Might have to make myself some garlic bread this evening!