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Indietalk Commercial

Made this quick ad spot as a Christmas gift for the community. I only had a half day to work on it, so it's by no means perfect, but I thought it might be cool to have something people could post elsewhere to spread the word about the form. If there's enough interest, I'll go back and work on it until it's polished. Anyone is free to upload it wherever they like.
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Sweet! Merry Christmas!
Try it out! What have you got to loose?

Time and money, but business is usually about risk-taking. An entrepreneur has to get the money to put up front as he builds the business, and, if he fails, he loses not only his time and money but also his reputation. I was told that I would have to take the leap if I wanted to expand my law firm, and that's happening, in small steps. When that is more established, I would be very interested in commercial production.

Nate, I'll start a new thread on this, and I hope you can give your insights.
I understand of course, but any business has development cost and front end losses. I was just being offhanded there, but what I mean is that in comparison to larger attempts like a pilot or a feature, a 30 second commercial is pretty low risk way to develop your skills and portfolio. And if you're looking at it from a strict ROI standpoint, it's actually one of the best ways to create a self sustaining business model early on in your development as a filmmaker. Learning film can take many years, and getting paid while you learn is a smart approach IMO.

As far as risk in business, it's normal and pretty much mandatory. I think the national average is about 18 months in the red before transitioning into the black. That's across all business types though, creative industries can be much more difficult to monetize, dependent on your expectations.

If you want to expand a law business, you might wish to invest real time in learning AdWords, which would be your primary system for optimizing ROI on search. In some less developed areas, you can take over an aspect of business across a city with just a cursory knowledge of AdWords.

I'll be glad to chat on your new thread, whenever that shows up.