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watch Indie of the Month April - Social Distance Film Challenge


Indie of the Month
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Indie of the Month!
A monthly competition with a new theme or challenge each month.

April is:
Social Distance Film Challenge

Most of us are confined to home for the time being. We hope everyone is safe and well! This is all about using your available resources. PLEASE do not violate any safety protocols. DO NOT get a bunch of people in the same room. NO! You have to make something by yourself. Challenge yourself while keeping others safe! If you are quarantined with others that can help please still, practice safety!

However, you are free to network with other indietalk members remotely! This we encourage. Need music for your film? Editing? A writer? Network in this thread and build your QuaranTeam. If a team wins, all members will receive the award. But they must have been noted as a team member in this thread and have posted.

Requirements: This must be an original work made for this challenge (i.e. it must not pre-date this post and it must meet all requirements). Any length, any genre. Video or audio format. Yes, composers that means you too! (Audio upload/SoundCloud embed). Inspirational or pure entertainment. Covid-related or not. Funny, educational, whatever! We can escape what is going on if just for a moment, or we can be inspired, or learn. It's up to you. So create something. Anything. By yourself or remotely with others—because after all, you may be by yourself but you are not alone. We are all in this together.

Entrants: You have 21 days to submit your entries, and 1 entry is permitted. If you have entered, and are on a team as well, another team member must post the official entry.

To enter click Add Media on this page.

Voters: Voting begins after the submission period, you will see a button on each entry. Be sure to bookmark your faves! You will only have one vote so use it wisely! You will not be able to vote for yourself, and any improprieties will be detected*.

Most votes wins. Ties are broken by a 24 hour voting period.

You will see new posts in this thread when members enter, vote, and when deadlines are approaching.

Winner receives:
  • 1 year indiePRO membership
  • A special IOTM membership with an "IOTM Winner" badge
  • A "Winner" ribbon over your entry
  • A "Winner" ribbon over your avatar for the month
  • A winning contest to add to your press kit
  • Bragging rights
Enter every month and if you win, you can extend your membership each time!


*Anyone caught manipulating the system will banned from indietalk. Do not even try!

Good luck!

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Hello this was made March 29, it must be made for this challenge. I will leave it as inspiration and thank you! But it does not meet the requirements of the challenge. You are welcome to submit a new work!
I knew this question would come up but I didn't want to bog down the first post and confuse people.
This has to be a new project but it can contain elements previously created. For example. Still photos or footage of the town you live in that you already shot. NOW you want to create a video from it and have it scored. OR a brand new film and the score is older. Etc. As long as the finished product is new and produced for this challenge!
Hyped for this challenge! I would be thrilled to collaborate on the soundtrack for an entry too, so please let me know if you're thinking of applying and would require a score. 🙂
Just to clarify on the rules a bit....

Can we use Public Domain footage, such as stuff found on Prelinger Archives? As long as the concept is to "re-invent" it with a new edit, or replace the sound, dialog, etc.? (Think "What's Up Tiger Lily.)
Any editors/composers want to work with me on this?

I am thinking of doing it as a comedy/real take. I don't want to spoil the idea here, but if anyone feels like working together on something rather than separate, send me a message. I'm down to collab.

All my film gear is in storage right now, so I plan on sticking to the rules by not getting any of it and sticking to a cell phone/what is on hand to make this.

Warning up front: I am a "crazy idea" guy... Meaning, my ideas change quickly and suddenly in the early planning stages depending on what inspirations I get.