I told an AI to make me some cover art

I told an AI to make pictures of a cat in a maze. (via 10 pages of python code) So far, it's not going great, but that's why I started running tests early. I think my cover art needs to be just a bit less horrifying and disconcerting than this, so I'll keep adjusting the sliders until people stop screaming when they look at it.







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I'd worked with AI for a long time so I had some clue going into this new one. Beyond that basic understanding, it was just a few tutorial videos, a 10 dollar google collab subscription, and about a week of experience setting variables and running tests.

You can get started for free, as this is open source, I just pay the 10 to rent some extra processing speed.

Here's the link, this is everything you need to get started. Just go to this page and then to file>save copy and then save a copy of it to your google drive account (also free)

You can find youtube tutorials pretty easily and be up and running in a few hours, good results take some tinkering.

To directly answer your question - you have to set a bunch of variables, which will all be wrong until you've gotten the hang of it. Then you type in a sentence. In this case, the sentence was "A cat in a maze as painted by HR Gieger"
Just watched a video on the Disco Diffusion Google Colab. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around it. There must be some limitations. I mean, I think I would freak out if I could tell it Love child between Regan Mcneil from the Exorcist and UFC fighter Connor Mcgreggor - and it made an image.
You can get an AI to do that, the trick is to point it to the right research images, I made an image set a year ago hybriding different celebrities with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and got many interesting results. I can't remember where I put them, but they were hilarious.

For an easier starting path, you can check out Artbreeder, but if you really want to make something unique DD5 is the way to go until Dall E is released. I'm mainly working with this one to get a head start on the work I have to do in that one. There's a lot of controls to understand, and there will likely be significant overlap.

The eventual goal is to be able to feed Dall E source footage and have it stylize. Might seem like it will be easy, but I expect it will be a big challenge to perfect, the ubiquitous last mile problem.
Can you AI a music video? Like, let's say I had a song about cloud dragons, could this be a moving image that fit the length of a song? People are always looking for cool visuals for their music which aren't necessarily music videos, just something to watch instead of static album art. Cool little side business for you. Definitely cool!
This song sucks, but it's a good example of someone doing exactly what you're talking about. Notice how the AI is morphing imagery during motion to match the lyrics. The second one is better, but not technically a music video.

I thought about this as a side income idea, but it's actually pretty time consuming to make a good one, so I'm not sure I could get enough money for one to make it worth it. I'd have to charge like 5-10 grand a video. It's probably 3 weeks of GPU time for one of these, and then maybe a week of programming and trial and error. Plus most services bake in revisions with contracts, so it's 3 weeks per revision. I could probably figure out a way to make it cheaper. Something to think about though, thanks for the suggestion.

If you need a single image for an album cover at some point, I'll make you one of those for free.
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I have a band called Shouting At Clouds ironically so I already like what you did. 😁
lol, I looked up some rotor music videos. This is just a system that drops generic stock footage clips onto a beat detector. It's only 30 dollars for a video, but also, the video will only take them 30 seconds to make and deliver.