I don't get political, but curious as to why


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To be honest, before 9/11 I never read the news.
Same! In fact back then I felt you could switch channels without switching ideologies.
I got my MA at Johns Hopkins in international relations, so I'm very political. I know that, if I was ever to go into film, that could damage my fan base, but I would find it very hard to fulfill my wildest fantasies as a mogul, even as I see the world going to rot, from my ideological viewpoint. IOW, I have to get into the fight for freedom, from my neo-conservative point, even if i know it hurts me.

But, as I write this, I will be choosing military science fiction, whose demographics would be conservative like me. So, actually, political activism could be good for me - I never thought of that. 🙂

Thanks, everyone, for making me think things through. This forum has truly been good to me.