Hobby filmer needs help

I make films for myself, friends and family. So I am not a professional. By signing up here, I was hoping to have some questions answered regarding editing software. Thank you
I am not a pro but I find myself spending more and more time with making small films and friends and family give good feedback. That motivates me to do more...
For that I need a program with more functions. If I use google for that, I mostly get ads, so I want to ask impartial professionals.
Right now I use Avidemux. I don't know if that qualifies as video editing software but it did what I needed up until now: Cut videos at I-frames, join files with identical codec, remove unnecessary audio streams and turn the video 180°.
What I need in addition: Change playback speed, tune brightness and contrast, crop the picture...all that without making the quality worse (if possible).
Video editing software can ba a bit overwhelming for amateurs with limited time. So I am looking for the least complex solution, that can do the mentioned things.
Advice would be much appreciated! Thanks!


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Thanks! That looks quite complex and overwhelming to me but maybe it's manageable for the basic stuff I want to do. I will look into it.
if you spent one day just watching that guy work you would have enough pattern recognition to do all the basics. It’s literally the same moves over and over again every time. Then one or two unique touches
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