Hi there! I'm new and here is my introduction:

I'm a 100% indie but professional producer and editor, located in Berlin, Germany and big fan of the Hollywood of the 90s & 00s. I'm what you would call a film-purist. My debut feature “Noseland”, a music mockumentary w. John Malkovich & Roger Moore, premiered at KVIFF, Karlovy Vary in 2012 – also awarded “Most Entertaining Documentary” in the US the same year. It got me NOMINATED for “BEST EDITING” at IFF Madrid in 2012. I was again nominated for it in 2017 for “Cairo Jazzman”, my second music docu-feature, which premiered at RIFF, Rotterdam in 2017. Currently working on my third cinema documentary about female singers in Iran – to be released in 2020. I also teach DCP-mastering and hold seminars on general filmmaking topics, mostly about the psychology of, for example, making good interviews with complete strangers or the "art of the edit".


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Welcome to indietalk.

I've heard the term but I don't know what it means - what is a "film-purist"?

I could look it up but I'm much more interested in what that term means to you - as it defines you.

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hey! it means (for me) that i care for film in its purest form. meaning: story, script and handicraft. no cgi or vfx but movies as an artform of creating worlds. does this answer your question? p.s. howdy to you too


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