Hey! I'm new here.

Hi all, I'm new. Just found this site, its great.

I'm in Highschool and I'm about to graduate, (can't wait).
I'm just learning about the film industry, I applied to some film schools.

Is it a good idea to go to film school or should you just emerge yourself into making films right away?
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Hey there, new guy!

That's a very interesting question you ask... I believe there are going to be some widely disagreeing replies to that one. Lots of arguments can be made for both sides. :)
If you have the money get the formal education. It's a lot easier to learn from other peoples mistakes than only from your own. Anyway you can make all the mistakes you wan't durring school; they won't hurt as bad as in the real world. Then as you move into the real world, you will have a better idea of how to pull this stuff off and hopefully get paid.

Also get your education well under way while you are still young. if possible get your masters before you get married. It's next to impossible when you have a job, wife and children. Take it from me I'm there right now. I don't regret anything it's a matter of priorities.

Mike :)
Do it now! Make a film. Write a script. Film it. Get it out there.
And also... go to school.... lol
If you're a lucky guy/girl, you might catch a break, but don't ever count on it.
School will get you in the slow and patient way, but doing it is what gets you the most experience.
Balance them. I learnt ALOT from making films, but I still want that diploma on the wall.
By the way.... WELCOME!!!


I guess it's a matter of luck what ever way you go. You could get into it with no experience and meet the right people, or you could go to film school, get the brains but cant get anywhere because of bad luck. thats my opinion anyway but id say do both if you can.
If you want to make films... Make films! If you do choose to go to "film school" LEARN, just don't be influenced! Remember... Those who can "DO", those who can't... "teach"! Film schools are filled "instructors" who are failed or failing filmmakers. They just don't have the drive and passion you obviously do!

Grab a camera QUICK! Shoot some footage.... Get some software and edit it... In a word... Just DO IT!

I personally took the "no film school, just do it" path and now several instructors are asking me to be a guest lecturer!

Filmmaking is one of the very few things we can still do unencumbered!

If it can be thought...
If it can be written...
It can be filmed!
-Stanley Kubrick

Make Films!
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I'm new here as well, although I didn't want to make a big entrance... :cool: I've just been looking around the boards for the last couple of days, and I found this thread, and I have been wondering the same thing as well! Since I am also a highschool student, I have spent many a night wondering if film school was really for me. Everyone who has replied has sent a pretty clear message that film school will educate you, but actually getting out there and making a film is the best medicine. All of you have inspired me to go and make a film! Let's just hope I'm not too hasty... ;)
hey and welcome to both of you guys! :yes:
as for your question i have just graduated from a four year BA (Hons) degree in Film, Photography and Imaging, in fact i was actually at uni for 6 years since i changed course twice in the begining to study film in different universities, i.e. i was a stereotypical film student 4 years, and years, and years.... :rolleyes:
would i do it again though? mmmm....definately, but not the way i did, i went straight to university from high school cause thats what was expected and i ended up wasting three years of my university life messing around, changing courses and getting used to my new found freedom (i.e drinking lots and partying). Now maybe you guys are a lot more focused than me, and if so then go for it, but if i could go back and change things I would, go travelling for a year after school armed with a camera and some mates and have some fun. Then when its all out of the system, go and get stuck into the studies, and enjoy every lecture and project and essay, your paying to be there, so get the most out of it you can. I wish i had made more if those first three years (and the fact that you have free access to all the equipment and editing suites you wish - definately make the most of that one, am now so depressed looking into hiring costs for my new film!). and most of alll, throughout all of it, never forget why you are there and keep watching, making, writing, editing films, and keep your passion alive.

lol i sound like a no fear t-shirt :D
I was thinking about going to the Los Angeles Film School. I did some research on the school and it looks pretty good. Does anyone know about this school?
:welcome: To Indietalk, afilms! Good Luck on your search for a film school, in the interim, do as suggested above....shoot!