hey everyone watsup from iraq

im an american seviceman serving in iraq and i thought this would be a great place to learn new stuff for my filmmaking endeavors upon my return home. i know alot of people may dislike me for it but i want to make porn. :D but im also intrested in other types of films. anyway just sayin hi. oh and big ups to all california member woop woop! home state
"Yeah, you know, well, I'm sorry, Evan, that the Coen brothers don't direct porn that I watch. They're hard to get ahold of. Okay?"

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ateur huh? whats that? no i dont live in this shithole im only deployed here. thanks for all the love guys. i dont want to star in them i want to direct and produce my own movies.(alot of expendable cash when ur deployed lol) i just feel like its what im supposed to do you know i see the crap thats out and i know i can do better and im into parodies not just straight up raunchy hardcore, i mean that stuff is pretty sweet dont get me wrong but i want to bring something new to the table. i cant tell what my first project is gonna be cuzz its a surprise but i can tell u itll be awesome but first i need help with some minor stuff.


hahahaa i got bored today so i did this just a cupple of my buds messin around quality is kinda shitty cuzz i messed up somewhere durng the rendering process in aftereffect but i think its pretty funny.:lol:
omg!!!! hahaha that looked awesome im mad that i cant watch it here oh well thanks for sharing that ill definitely look into it when i go on leave.