Hello World!

Hey everyone!

Just thought I'd introduce myself over here seeing as I'm new to the forum :)

My name is Adrian and I'm a filmmaker from South Africa. I've been working in film for the past few years after I received my degree in film arts. I'm very passionate about all things creative from music to fine art to filmmaking and photography.

I'm a very open person that's always willing to learn and share what knowledge I have with the world :)

Feel free to drop me a message any time.

Lets get talking!


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I really loved the inter-connected nature of the different story lines. Each was special in its own way but my favorite was the story of Frobisher and Sixsmith

cool. I enjoyed the interconnectedness of their sense8 series but I haven't watched the second season yet. i'm waiting for them to wrap up the finale
Hoi Adrian. Can I ask you another question? I have seen your portfolio and it looks good.

How long is it for you to go to Johannesburg and what is your day rate?