Hello from Rio de Janeiro! Post Producer talking here =)

Hello folks,
I'm Keila, post-production coordinator, that's in the audiovisual industry since 2001, and in post-production since 2005. I've worked in nice production companies of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil but since 2019 I'm in a post-production facility coordinating teams and projects, mainly for streaming (Netflix, Amazon, Disney, HBO Max). Arriving here only in 2022 but looking forward to connecting with people interested in growing post-production community, and to exchange information about how people work and manage post-production projects around the globe. This includes editing, VFX, 3D, 2D, motion, research and post-production in general... that's it mates, ready for more? Come and connect =)


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Hello, nice to see another post centric person here! How do your feel about the place of UE5 and Quixel in the future of post? I'm seeing a future where Viz shots can be vastly less expensive. I was using Max, Maya, and Vray for years, and switched over recently to find my frame times dropping by 95% or so, with quality differences nearly undetectable in bokeh shots.