Greetings From Michigan

I'm a noob.
I started writing a script one day, and thought, "I'd very much like to make a movie." So it's Christmas time and I found an excellent deal on and XL1s body. Well, long story short I'm getting the camera and I joined the website to get some help picking out other gear. I need a lens, viewfinder, mic, and various lighting equipment. I'm trying to start off as cheap as possible so that I can get used to the gear. Any help would be appreciated.
Welcome Grasshopper!

I'm one of the audio guys here.

Keep in mind that the search function is your friend. Everyone here is always very glad to help you out, but a lot of the "basics" questions have been asked and answered many times.

And always remember:

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"Old man, how is it that you hear these things?"

"Young man, how is it that you do not?"
Another Michigander here...Ann Arbor / Ypsi here...well, I'm in Rhode Island now...but I was in MI for many years. How goes it?

You're getting an XL1? In addition to a lens? Personally, I'd get a step up in camera...HD...and forget the lens. That's just me though...think about it. Do some research. Going 'frame mode' 24p on the XL1 isn't going to do a hell of a lot for you, unless you guys know how to light and color correct like a mo-fo.

I only say this because the first feature I worked on (ie. acted in) was on an XL1, and the picture wasn't too great. But hey...28 Days Later was shot on an Xl1 with, what do I know. But Boyles' team were uber talented, so it *can* be done.

Anyhow. Have you heard of Evil Genius Entertainment? Based in Ypsi? Their most recent feature is called The 6th Extinction...have you heard of it?

Good luck. Take care.