Fissure is Wrapped!

Hi peeps.

Fissure wrapped on Sunday and I'm into the edit now. I tried to post links to some stills, but the image link kept coming up broken. Does the forum hate the new Google photos since they ditched Picasa?

Anyway, here's a link to the stills so you can have a butchers at what we've been filming.



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Nice shots!

Google sucks for sharing images they don't give you image extensions in the URL. They want you to share with links so they don't waste bandwidth with embedding, I guess. There's a lot about it on the net.
Hi Guys,

update on the film:

Edit is going well. First cut shown to prodcuers who like what they see. Some big (but not unexpected) tweaks to make and then move on to the VFX (which I'm doing as well as editing). I see lots of roto in my future. Hopefully get some time over Christmas.

In the mean time here's some bts shots for you to gander at.

Merry Christmas.

Long time no visit! I've been locked away in the edit suite and haven't seen another soul for months (actually I'm real busy in my job and only get evenings and weekends to edit this thing).

I thought I'd resurface to let people know how things are going.

Handing over to our sound team for mastering etc. and The score is almost there, that should be done in time for the 8th handover. Exciting.

In the mean time, here's some shots from the film all vfx'ed up.

Hope you like em... Trailer time soon.
Cool! Congrats on getting this done. I'm sure you still have a lot of work to do, but it's nice to see progress being made. :D