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kmjsc said:
It just was what it was. But I think I might have to go with The Last Unicorn as my all time favorite.
That movie scared this SHITE outta me. I saw it when I was a young child (one of my first memories), because my parents thought "Well... it's a cartoon, and cartoons are for kids!"

Everytime I think of it, this wonderful demented feeling fills my mind... great movie as far as I remember!


Well, I have two. O Lucky Man! starring Malcom McDowell and directed by Linsday Anderson. Part of a trilogy along with If... and Brittanica Hostpital.


Jaws. I can't think of a more perfect movie. It's a popcorn flick with weight.

I love Malcom McDowell! Have you seen the Irish film Red Roses and Petrol? Hilarious and dark...really great. I think it played at Toronto Film Festival.


Without a doubt...


BR is one of those rare films where everything comes together. Firstly let's talk about Ridley Scott's (director) and Jordan Cronenweth's (DP) eyes <if only you could see what I've seen with your eyes> Both of these gentleman have an exquisite understanding of angle, light, color and mood. The visuals are absolutely stunning...some of the best in movie history.

Sound design: to start off, the soundtrack by Vangelis is pitch perfect. I'm not a huge fan of Vangelis in general, but with BR...he really hit a home run. It really creates a perfect mood for the film. The rest of the sound design is spot on as well...all the details, all the thought put into creating and bringing to life the world of LA in 2019 is amazing.

Set Design: Syd Mead as the visual futurist allowed Ridley to create a living, breathing realization of a future dystopian society unmatched by any other film (in my opinion). Also having Douglas Trumbull as the effects supervisor was a huge bonus.

The Story: The story--based on Dick's 'Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep'--is one that many people have mixed feelings about. Only because the relation to the book, and how loosely it was based. But in the end, the story, in my opinion and many others, was brilliantly crafted by Fancher and People's...a wonderful delve into the human condition. It's not just your standard Sci-fi here...this has depth and feeling. This is also a film that fan's have been mulling over for years as to what means what, the myriad hidden clues, and whether Deckard is a goddamned Replicant or not (which I'll not get into).

The Acting: Spot on. I could go on and on and list all the actors that came together to make this movie as tightly knit as it was, but I don't want to write a bloody book here. The acting was superb on ALL ends...I particularly like Rutger's performance.

Well. I can't say enough. It's by far my favorite film on so many levels. And although Ridley isn't my favorite director (he's my second favorite), this film takes the cake for the top on my list.

My second favorite film (and favorite director Terry Gilliam) is BRAZIL.

Thanks for reading.
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Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon is mine.
Reasons? World class acting. A++ cinematography. An emotional story with tons of "wow" action, and just enough of a (subtle) comedic touch. A++ music.
Should have won the oscar for best picture in 2000...was light years better than the deus-ex-machina Gladiator.


Simply stunning cynematography, gorgeous set designs, crazy unique storyline, mindblowing music and great acting. It's masterfully made.

some others are
The Twilight Samurai
The lord of the rings: Return of the king
Spring summer fall winter and spring
Kill bill vol 2



It's the most well rounded mix of comedy, drama, and romance available. The acting is superb, Dudley Moore's timing has never been better. Sir John Geiglund more than earned his place in history with that one... Liza Minelli was likable (I'm not a Liza fan). It was well cut, well paced, and everything ended up coming together without a single flaw.

I mean, the Buildings themselves had such character, props to the production design team.... Granted, they didn't over think it. Put meaning into the production design, put lots of it, but never let it be the point... Sorry, just a gripe with a student film I helped out on...

The movie definitely ages well. It's definitely not going to pass as a modern film, but there's nothing about it that will just have you cringe at how dated the film is....

And the music..... Oh, god, the music....

I don't think there is a more perfect movie. I liked Jaws, I liked Metropolis, I liked Dr. Mabuse, and I really liked "A Shot in the Dark." But I can also find one thing in all my other favorite films. Yes, even Robocop... One thing that absolutely pisses me off. Not in this one. It's perfect.


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The music? Wasn't it Christopher Cross over and over? :lol:

I remember Arthur having some moments. That's about all.


Pulp Fiction!

For me, it has to be, Pulp Fiction. I love the use of cross-cutting to explore the storyline, and Tarentino's dialogue is second to none, I can't think of any other film with as many recognisable quotes.

"you know what they call a quarter pounder with cheese in paris?"
"they don't call it a quarter pounder with cheese?"
"No they got the metric system over there they wouldn't know what the f**k a quarter pounder is!"
"Then what do they call it?"
"They call it: A Royale with cheese"
"A Royale with cheese!"



The Empire Strikes Back.

The charactors were more mature and known by the second film (or fifth depending). Could relate to them more in Empire than Star Wars when the audience is introduced to them.
Good fighting scenes and dual and of course the revelation at the end.
The music. The creatures and Yoda was introduced.
I don't know if many have seen this, but I noticed Spinner has.


I love this movie because it caused so much controversy when really there was no need, and just encourage the stupidity of the religious group, and people in general, overreacting.

Anyways, the dialogue is Kevin Smith's movies are always witty and hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing in that movie. Great cast which sums up a good acting movie!


My top favorites are:
Fight Club, 28 Days Later, Memento, and the Saw series, esp. Saw 2.
The directing and twists are incredible as well as the acting in these films.

I knew it the moment the credits rolled. I know a lot of people see a lot of flaws in the film, but I've always felt the most powerful thing a film can do is inspire you to do something. Wall-E inspired me to simplify my love and my life.


It's not necessarily the most technically perfect film, but there is no question that Mel Brooks' To Be or Not To Be is my ultimate favorite film!

"He's world famous in Poland." LOL


I dunno if I can pick an absolute favorite but two that I enjoy immensely are Once and City of God. The music in Once is amazing and I love how the story isn't the typically love story. City of God is just a damn good film all the way around. I actually didn't watch it until I had to for a class (not a film class). Probably the best decision the prof made all semester.


OH by the way, have I said BLAAAAAAADE RUNNER yet?

Why yes...yes I think I have. Well, I said it again.