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This is a new idea for a thread, hopefully it's fun but if not nbd :)

I will post a celebrity name, then the next person responds with a video clip (preferably) or a reference to their favorite moment in that celebrities career.
And then they post a celebrity name for the next person.

I was just thinking to myself how funny it is that some of my favorite celebrity moments come from sketch comedy like SNL.
This is perhaps my favorite james franco memory.. its so stupid and yet so memorable

And for the next person...

Tom Cruise


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And for the next person...

Jean Claude van Damme
I'm gonna take this one because I feel obligated to throw a womans name into the mix.

My fav jean claude is from his amazon series

Episode one. A girl exits the shower in his apartment and asks van damme
"Why was the water in your shower sticky"
- It's coconut water
"You get coconut water piped to your shower?"
- I have coconut water in piped throughout the entire house

Next Up

Audrey Hepburn


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I never understood why Marlon Monroe was considered Hot. Audrey was so much more charismatic and beautiful.

Next up

Scarlett Yohansson
The problem with Audrey being considered hot (and I say this as someone with a crush on her) is that she is so classy its hard to imagine her in a primal sexual state of behavior. She was even cast as a nun once lol, could you imagine how bad it would be to cast scarlett as a nun...

Maybe we can get Mara to chime in for the next one? :)

Billy Magnussen
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Billy Magnussen is absolutely delightful. He put himself on tape because he was in LA when we started auditioning people for Surviving Family, and then he came in to meet with us when he was back in NYC. We knew the moment we saw the tape that he was the guy we wanted.

The woman with him in the photo below is our director, Laura Thies (I wrote & produced, and I'd worked w/Laura many times). They're in this absolute dump of an apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan - it was 100 degrees and we shot there for a week.

This clip is from a scene between him and his fiance in the movie. He and I re-wrote a chunk of this together - I was on my cell phone in the cafeteria of the bank where I was working. He had a few very good changes that he wanted. I think it came out really well (you'll have to watch the movie to see the full scene) .
Billy Magnussen clip

Laura and Billy.JPG
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Nobody? :lol:

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I guess you guys want the boring ones. Okay, Tom Hanks. There.
Lol, this is a fun thread. In response to Mara's post above, I had the great pleasure of editing the trailer for "Surviving Family", which means I watched Billy Magnusen's performance in that film a million times. I'm not surprised that since then he's blown up and is now headlining big-budget blockbusters. Kudos on your casting, Mara.

Okay, back on subject. For Tom Hanks, the obvious choice would be "Forrest Gump". I can quote that movie for days; it's in my top-5 fav films of all time and I happen to do a really good Forrest impersonation. But like sfoster, I'm gonna pick an SNL sketch cuz that's more fun.

Next up: Dwayne Johnson