favorite favorite actor/actress

she probably already is! and even though he is a director Quentin Tarantino has acted in his own films, so therfore making him a kickass actor and director.
aaaaaaaaargh saw the mtv movie awards just last night nearly broke the screen because lindsay lohan is such a try hard poser! aaaaaaaaaaargh
Shaw said:
Sean Connery in his later movies. He was really sort of a dork in his early years as James Bond.

He was in a small indie flick where he was in prison or something...his performance in this is superb...It was shot while he was still James Bond. It's black and white..I wish I could remember what it was called...
Nicholas Cage!
Hes a legend and he rocks at playing really qiurky charactors.
He was awesome in Face/Off and Matchstick men.
im dying to see gone in 60 seconds.
gone in 60 wasn't that great, it was fun and all, but its not a spectacular film or anything.

But yeah, Nick is a friggin legend! Choice actor
Patrick McGoohan - really like him a lot.

Nicole Kidman - just wish she'd play stronger roles more.

That Steven Richards guy shows a lot of promise, too. Any indie-filmmaker in SoCal would be nuts to not cast him. :cool:
For me it would have to be:

Lisey Lohan (she was great in mean girls)
Sean Connery
Mel Gibson
Denzel Washington
Julia Stiles
Maggie Gylenhal
haha.. I like lindsay lohan.. her movies are fun if I feel like being girly.. which I will admit..happens from time to time.. I get told I look like her sometimes.. which is fun.. haha.