favorite favorite actor/actress

who is everyones favorite actor or actress? mine would have to be joshua jackson from the skulls or dawsons creek i think he can tell any part well
Jim Carrey and Tom Hanks are my favorite to watch. I would probably never work with either, though. I would be so in awe of them it be hard to concentrate.

i'm really showing my teen girl thing here but even though he is actually a pretty bad actor... Hayden Christensen! yeah i know. he isn't my fave actor, but eye candy wise him. what can i say i was a sucker for life as a house
I would have to admit that Hanks is the BEST...but my FAVORITE is Mel Gibson.

Actress? Halle Berry, I guess...although "Catwoman" looks STUPID.

Hottest actress: Jessica Alba!!!!!!!
i really like russle crows role in a beautiful mind,and i loved ice cube in boyz in the hood

"we got a problem ni**a!?"

also i like sean patrick flanery in boon dock saints,the other brother was great too but i cant remember his name.

cuba gooding jr was great in radio.

sean penn was awesome in mystic river,i really liked that one.

my favroit role ever was brando's in wild one.
Both the brothers in Boondock saints rocked really hard
Sean Patrick Flanery .... Connor MacManus
Norman Reedus .... Murphy 'Murph' MacManus.

I liked Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa, i never thought that movie was gonna be any good, but i sat down and watched it, and laughed my ass off.

Actresses...hmm...Uma Thurman, and thats all i can really think of.
Steve Buscemi, Uma Thurman, Colin Farrell, Gene Hackman (I just watched The French Connection, dayum that's a great film Hackman was excellent!), Tom Hanks...
Mr. Miss Blonde you could put hillary duff in a QT film and you'll love her just for that & as for me i like way too many, but i am a fan of Edward Norton