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watch Faded | Horror Short Film | Looking for a critique


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I liked it! Some very nice work here. It was creepy and held my interest.

Overall the audio was quite good – something typically lacking in a student
film. One quibble: when Marcus comes into the TV room I would have liked
to have heard the TV audio.

Your dark scenes were very well lit creating a realistic look – like in the garage.
The lighting in the rest of the house felt too flat. Just a minor criticism that didn't
affect my enjoyment of the movie. But something to think about in future
productions. An exposed image isn't the same as a well lit image.


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Yes it was very good!
Editing and music are great.
Acting was great too, the girl talks a little fast/slurs her words in the bedroom/checking for monsters scene.
I would have liked a little more "room tone" in some of it, it was a little too empty/studio sounding at times.
Agree with the TV sound... and... the popcorn had no popping sound, and Mikey falling to the ground, that sound effect was off.
But you asked for critique, I thought it was pretty awesome.