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Facebook Request


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You liked my page, or you "LIKED" my page? :lol:

Back at cha.
I was likin' the KDK12 before it became popular to do so.
Hey Guys – I’m new here, but want to help if I can… here’s a really great tool some of my colleagues have used (I’m implementing it as well in some of my business’s) for social media optimization, if you have a twitter account and an extra hundred dollars or so a month, hire a VA (virtual assistant) through odesk.com or scriptlance.com and have them add all the followers of your specific niche in film, for instance – Dar, he would add the horror film directors – followers. Jaredkowis, the same but online with animation…etc. Once you get a good following (my buddy added 55,000 followers in 9 months) you can ask for some serious facebook likes or whatever (of course you should give something away to a few of them for Free – possibly a Free report on terror antics from the fear factory?) Just my 2 cents if 