Community Project

Looks cool, will be good when sound is finished on it. ATM i would say its hard to judge too much on the edit till there is a final combined peice. Then I can get a sense of pace etc. Keep it up so far so good.
Yeah, lookin' good! I can't remember whether I saw the previous edit of that scene (I presume/know that I did, but I don't have a clear memory of the cuts) but this one flows pretty nicely. As Tom notes, the sound will be key to selling it as a drama (I think it definitely needs some oceanic atmosphere to make the dialogue a bit less clipped) but shaping up very nicely.

Looking forward to seeing what you get next :)
I'm pretty new to IT and I just came across this thread. I've only watches two scenes, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed. The acting is actually really good!

It's kind of funny because last night I was watching the Star Wars UNCUT fan film put together by Lucus Films. This project is actually pretty similar because you have a lot of people in different areas coming together to make the project. The difference is, of course, it wasn't organized and they didn't know it would be edited into one large project. Oh, and also, the acting is horrendous for the most part!

At any rate, I'm excited to see the finished product. Keep up the good work!
Hey, been a few weeks... How far along is the edit? Any updates :)

Sorry guys, I've been completely out the loop. But I'm back now and I'll chase CF down on the edit...

Will Vincent said:
I haven't been keeping up with this, but if nobody's thrown their hat in the ring for it yet, I'd be game to do color grading on this beast.

I am very up for that if you're still game.
I had a quick word with CF and hopefully we'll be making waves in the next couple of weeks with the edit.

In the meantime, I was thinking we could run a fun-and-friendly poster design competition? No big prizes or anything, but the winner (as selected by public vote) gets to be the official poster. And then we'll have a nice gallery of different submissions for the Facebook page and Twitter...etc. Sound good?
I'm on a heavy deadline at the moment (just like the past few months).

After that (few weeksfrom now) I hope to have some more time.
I've got a dozen of great BTS pictures and some BTS footage plus a part of the TV item that was beinig shot in the Dutch scene.
By the way, I'm not taking credit as sole editor. A lot of what I'm doing, in case it wasn't obvious, is tweeking other people's edits. So they also need to be credited on IMDB and such. Also, one of these scenes is completely unaltered from what was sent to me. I'm doing things sequentially, and decided to skip that one simply because it's a little more difficult to edit something that's shot in a language I don't speak. Plus, I think it's edited really well. That being said, I do plan to tighten that scene up just a touch.

I'm almost there on the 1st rough cut. Thank you for being patient with me! I plan to finish the 1st rough cut within a couple days.
Very tempted to check it out, but want to wait until the final cut is shelf ready! Unless the team is looking for feedback and/or general impressions. Good to see progress with this project. :yes: