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Not happy with what I did shoot, and I wasn't able to shoot it all, ran out of daylight.

Here is a low quality render (sorry about that I was playing with export settings)
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You're way too hard on yourself. That stuff looked great. You live in a seriously beautiful part of the world, so all the vistas are great and the stuff on the forest floor with the black goo is exactly as I envisaged it.

And I was thinking of your Secret Santa video to CF (I think) from a couple of years ago when I was writing Vern, so the characterisation is great!
thanks.. some does look good.. but there is one shot that the lens just did not work well.... anyway.. i went out again today.. got the rest of the shots, and redid some... doing a quick edit now..

Yes, I am vern and vern is me
That looks amazing Wheat. You're a hella talented filmmaker and, as I previously mentioned, that's some of the most beautiful scenery I've ever laid eyes on!

Once that footage is hot-footing it's way to CF, we should have everything we need in order to take a stab at a first cut of the film!
Thanks, that makes me happy!

If its not obvious I didn't record any audio. With the limited people (just me), short daylight and noob acting skill I figured it would just complicate things beyond my ability to execute in a timely manner.

The scene was simple enough to tell visually. UPLOAD in progress.
yes, that's exactly what I meant ^^^ (at least that's what I'm telling everyone from now on)

FWIW, I did have help with one shot. When the truck, ahem, minivan, pulls up. My 9 year old daughter was running the camera!
psst.. wanna know my secret to finding locations..

go places
open your eyes
it only has to LOOK like a real location

you have to like to explore, or at least get around some. I had driven by this turn off many times. I knew the area in a general sense.

You have to see every place you go as a potential film location.

When looking for a specific location, such as "remote woods", don't limit your self to only looking for "remote woods" the Vern discovery shots were all about 20 paces from where I parked the car.
Looks great, guys!

Wheat, pay your daughter an equivalent to union wages. She earns it, baby!

I know CF said he could have a rough for us last week, but I'm not sure what happened there. Anyhow, if he's reading this, let's try and put something together soon, now that we have all the footage!
I'm alive! Sorry for keeping y'all waiting. I haven't logged on for a while, so Dready made the wise move of contacting me via FB to let me know everything is ready for download. Anyway, I've got all the footage, and now that y'all are waiting on me, I've finally begun editing.

I obviously missed that previous deadline I set for myself. I think where I erred is that I had planned on editing the whole thing in one sitting. That was silly. I should take it piece by piece, day by day. Each day, a little more (considering this little bit today took me three hours).

Anyway, since the Richmond leg is the only one nobody has seen, I figured I'd start with that, and from here I'll go in chronological order. Needless to say, this rough cut is raw in-cam audio, and un-graded video.
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I'm off to go watch Katniss kick some butt! I'll check back in later tonight.
Well, that was interesting, kinda fun actually. I've never re-cut something that was already cut. Oddly enough, it was not a time-saver. But I do think the end result is better for it.

For this scene, I first logged all the footage, got familiar with it, just as if I were starting from scratch. But then from there, I only modified what was already in place. Quite often, I felt like the original edit was perfect. So, in that respect, I think we can consider the edit of this scene a 2nd draft, cuz I definitely had a solid foundation to work from.
PW: indietalk

Anybody, feel free to give me a nudge on FB or via email. I'm a sucker for peer-pressure. That being said, since this particular edit was enjoyable, I'm looking forward to the next one.