Coming to you from "Hillywood"

Hello all,

I joined this forum because I have been interested in the film industry for a while.

I'm a retired military journalist and Public Affairs Supervisor. During my tenure with an Army Training Support Division my office published a quarterly magazine and produced in house videos that told the story of our division and it's mission. I wrote and edited articles for the magazine and scripts for the videos. Myself and other Soldiers in my section also shot still photos and video footage for the above.

I'm also a military vehicle collector and this hobby afforded me the opportunity to provide a vehicle and be an extra/stunt driver in an indie film a few years ago. The movie is "Dixie Times" and is still in post production due to sound issues. It was produced and directed by Ken Wheeler and filmed in NW Georga and NE Alabama.

In January I was an extra in an indie film being shot in and around Gadsden, Alabama. The film is "Survive the Innocent" and you can check it out here:!/SurviveTheInnocent?fref=ts.

The director and I have become friends and are making plans to use some military vehicles in the sequel to Survive the Innocent he is now working on.

Alabama has tax incentives for large production budgets and the cost of doing business is reasonable here compared to the east and west coasts of the US. It is a Right to Work state and union membership is not required for employment in any trade.

Anyone interested in filming in our area can contact me or check out the Alabama Film Commission at:

I'm registered with them as a Prop Master, Stunt Driver (for my military vehicles) and Subject Matter Expert on military issues.

If you need military vehicles for filming anywhere in the world I can assist through my ties with the Military Vehicle Preservation Association (MVPA), military museums and other collector organizations.

If you are in the area pop me an email at and we can get together.
Where do you keep your military vehicles? In a private warehouse?

My vehicles are the more modern working trucks. Google "M927" to see an example of one of my trucks.They stay in my "Motor Pool" in the back yard. I live out in the sticks so there is no problem with complaints from neighbors. I have friends that have period correct vehicles that they keep in controlled environments.

So, say I wanted a tank for my film....

There are a lot of tanks in private hands and in private museums. Some folks will rent or loan out their vehicles. Be aware that moving newer tanks is an exercise in logistics and will not be cheap.

I'm too poor to be in the Armor Club but I have friends that have them.

There are also people who legally own artillery, bazookas, flame throwers and other military ordnance that is regulated by the BATF but can be used in a controlled envirnment.

Do you need a fully functional mini-gun?

One of my associates manufactures replica military weapons for static display and for movies.

Let me know what you need and I'll see if I can put you in touch with someone that can help.