China rips RED facists.

I think I misspoke, so just to clarify, my camera cost 65k with no lens or tripod. Then another 110k for a set of cine primes, then 3k for a tripod, then 8k for stedicam, and on and on. By the time you are really ready to shoot, you should have around 200k of stuff in terms of camera and supporting hardware. Fortunately I didn't have to buy all of it. I think I was talking about savings vs a dslr, which once equipped with a cheap cine zoom, will still cost you 15k.

Not to argue, but the Epic is better than an F23. It's price may be between pro and prosumer camera, but it's quality is better than most pro cameras, meaning it is the real deal.

James Cameron is shooting Avatar 2 with Epics, and Peter Jackson is shooting The Hobbit with Epics. Obviously those to guys have their choice of any camera in the world.

That's what's so great about it. It's a pro camera, at a prosumer price.

I stand corrected.:) But at least you can BUY it some companies only rent. And here's the beautiful part, if you cant afford it, there are a thousand other cameras out there. Has to be one that fits your needs.
I would disagree. As for their forum: I haven't investigated, but if its for them, by them, why would they want to let negativety have free reign. They are trying to sell a product. Also, if its for Red lovers, why would they want someone raining on their parade.

Truth and free expression are casualties of that approach. The lies and half truths that come out that place are staggering. It's a propaganda machine. Google RED SCARLET and you'll see. 3k for $3k anyone?

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Truth and free expression are casualties of that approach. The lies and half truths that come out that place are staggering. It's a propaganda machine. Google RED SCARLET and you'll see. 3k for $3k anyone?

I basically agree with you.

As far as the scarlet. I think it's going to be around 13k. That's a fantastic deal though. Last I heard it comes with a fixed lens, and the images I've seen from it are fantastic. When they do release it, probably a year from now, I'd say you can shoot an indie film for the big screen on this camera. It doesn't have all the bells and whistles, but you could make 100 fox searchlight movies with it. For all of Red's negative aspects, they do more for the independent filmmaker than any other company.
I don't think we should advertise or spend our precious time talking about red here.
One of the many reasons I love IT is, because RED is not "the dictator" of this forum. (Ha, now thinking about it... Red(communist), Stalin, dictator... It all comes into place :lol:)
1. I absolutely want to shoot on Red.
2. I hope this Chinese knock-off turns out to be a valuable less-expensive (albeit, maybe not as good) option.
3. directorik, I do so hope I've never been one of the people who surrounded your house with Tiger tanks. I do love my DSLR, but it's got weaknesses, and is not a one-size-fits-all camera.
4. The American government has been pretty damn-close to the perfect definition of fascist, for damn near 50 years, now.

Wait -- was that last one a joke? Of course it was! Or was it? You'll never know (contradicting smilies should add confusion)! :weird: :hmm: :no: :huh: :lol:
Yes. Let's not waste our time on a filmmaking forum talking about making films. Our precious time could be much better spent talking about our love lives and politics :rolleyes:

Well politics and love, fodder for scripts.

I actually buy a lot of Chinese products, follow focus, adapters and such, but even if they had a $800 camera that rivals RED, not sure I'd feel good about betting all my chips on anything other than Sony, Panny, etc.
Aside from the irony of "China takes on Fascists" You'll note that this camera body is 14 pounds, shoots 2k only, and does not seem to have overcranking/undercranking options. So even just by the specs, this is a much lesser feat of engineering the the 5lb 300fps 5k epic.

Yeah, I was going to let the irony thing go, heh. :D

I'll bet a dozen donuts that one of those goes totally FUBAR after a half day in the field under high temps, heavy dust or moisture (god forbid it spends a day in an environment where it is hot and dusty in the day and cold, damp, and foggy at night), being schelped around a location, and generally suffering all of the abuse that a professional camera takes in stride.

Hell, even the RED cameras aren't half as robust as offerings from the big boys like Arri, PV, Sony, Panny, and so on.

Ever use knock off Chinese tools? Same thing. Matco/Snap-on/Craftsman > Harbor Freight any day of the week, all damn day long.

but I cant carry 60lb item with me on free roving shoots.

That's what people like me are for. Humping that 60lb rig for 12-17 hours a day, and dialing it in so the DP can walk up, adjust the frame, and push the go button. ;)
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