misc Can I use videogames as a source of filmmaking and cinematography inspiration?


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My favorite game has a short film competition every year so it definitely inspires.
They just finished the 33 million dollar international tournament this weekend.

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of course they can. Both of my screenplays have been hugely inspired by video games. I am a gamer myself. For me the ones that influenced me the most are : Bioshock trilogy, Dark souls trilogy, Bloodborne, Halo,.. .

We have movie adaptations of video games these days. Prince of persia, Warcraft, assassin's creed, Hitman, Silent hill, Angry birds, Tomb raider, Mortal combat, and a ton more.
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Whatever inspires you whether it is video games, comics, paintings, films, the news, or whatever. It's all valid. Inspiration comes from all over. I'm not much of a video games guy myself but I can totally see how they could inspire film ideas and approaches.
Thanks everybody for your kind comments! I might had not express myself clearly. I meant inspiration in a more technical than conceptual way. For example The fully sequence shot God of War or the smooth character transitions from gta v.