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Beneath the Surface - a Save Point demo

This has a very Thomas Anderson kind of feel about it.
Thanks! I really like TA's use of multi tracking shots, the initial shot in Boogie Nights was kind of an education in multi tracking within a shot. You can see a similar technique employed in the shot starting at 1:20 in the video I posted. One smooth shot that seamlessly shifts audience focus from one actor (group of fish in this case) to another. In the real film, I'll probably do a significant number of these, at a much higher level, because I always liked that technique. With a completely virtual world, the sky is the limit when it comes to interconnected story beats occurring within a single unbroken shot.

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I don't like the lighting.

I know its just a stylistic choice but these thumbnails are more to my liking.

Your underwater stuff reminds me of that game of thrones episode where everyone was complaining about how dark it was.

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I like both types of look, The top one you posted looks great, though I think these are all daytime scenes, where as mine is evening . The deeper ocean is actually quite dark, but then movies don't have to be totally realistic. I might try some brighter looks in future undersea ventures. I was kind of going for a darker look in this case, but I'd like to develop a bright clean look as well. As far as the GOT scene, I think mine is brighter, because during the film you can see what's on the screen sometimes. The first time I watched that episode, I thought my tv was broken.