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Actor/crew contracts for a commercial?

I'm shooting a for a commercial contest tomorrow and I need to know if I need the 3 actors to sign contracts. This is pretty independant and I think everybody's cool...but I just want to be safe.

I searched "contract" on this forum and couldn't find any help. I also tried finding free contracts online but to no avail.

I don't know any lawyers so I just need help in wording a simple contract. 2 actors are adults, 1 is a minor. I know I need his parents sig too.

The unnoffical deal is that I will pay them if the contest wins the grand prize. I want it worded so that the compensation is to be awarded at my discretion, at least $200 to each actor and crew member.

The same goes for 2 crew members.

Please help. Thanks kindly.
I'll copy and paste a contract I made here so you can give me advice. I ESPECIALLY need advice on the whole minor actor thing. I put "signature of parent/legal guardian"


SonnyBoo might have a better blank template over at his website (SonnyBoo.com) He's got a tonne of blank material to download.

Dunno why you're putting in #2 & #5

As far as #6, that usually gets covered with a "actor will not sue if anything goes wrong" clause - except worded better than that.

Good luck. :)


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The only thing you need is permission to use their voice and image, in all available media known or unknown, in perpetuity. Contract? Naaah. What are you going to do if they don't show up on the date of the contract, sue them? The important thing is to make sure you can use what you shoot! Find the release form, it has better legal terms than my sentence.
I don't know about 2 and 5 either. i should take them out.

well what should #6 be worded like? i think that one is rather important. i can just put "you agree that there are risks involved with the Shoot and that no legal action will be taken against Travis McAlister for any personal injury that may occur during the Shoot". i'm sure that's riddled with flaws but I dunno.