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"1985" - Italian Sci-Fi Short Film Trailer

I made all of this with a Nikon D5300, a tripod, a bunch of shitty lights, some friends and DaVinci Resolve (my best friend).

I would really like to know if, by watching it, you'd say this was made with no money; and if yes, then where it shows.

Anyway, this is a trailer for a pitch trailer of 30 minutes (a short film).

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I would really like to know if, by watching it, you'd say this was made with no money; and if yes, then where it shows.

Pretty cool! But, to answer your question, I think there are too many repetitive shots - guy with the stick, the, the guy with the sunglasses and lap top, the concrete warehouse building. The lighting is a bit amateur, but not awful. The shots don't "pop" though. And, the lack of conveying some kind of story. This is just a montage without a lot of ideas. Yes, there is a VHS, a chip embedded in someone's palm, what looks like a hacker, etc. But, what are the characters to each other? What are their goals? Is there a bad guy? A good guy? A romantic angle? The purpose of a pitch film or trailer is to lure viewers and investors.

Rebecca reminds me a little of Alicia Vikander. It was good when she raised her eyebrows, but some close ups of her emoting fear, anger, or something, other than squatting next to a guy in a warehouse, would be effective. She has a great look. You had a chance to showcase a good fear closeup when she gets grabbed, but I don't know if you have such a shot.

The editing is snazzy. The retro film/video look is alright, except it makes a lot of mediocre shots look worse than they are, such as the guy with gun by the water.

Also, there are no older actors. This has some kids in it, but where are the character actors? If you don't have older actors available, you can get a lot of mileage out of using a parent, aunt, or uncle, just for their look. As this is, it's a trailer with approximately four people.

I can tell you have some filmmaking chops. There are a few interesting shots - the hand on the wall in the foreground, the dark shot of the guy turning his head, the girl getting grabbed, etc. Your editing and your actress hold the most production value, in my opinion. If you cut the repetitive shots and introduce more of the story, I think a 1 min, 45 sec trailer would be the way to go.

It's hard, but when a scriptwriter can condense his concept into a single sentence log line, people respond more. Attention spans are short. People like to be dazzled with a quick trailer or a log line idea. I think you might have an interesting concept here, but you need to bring it out more.
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Actually this is not the pitch trailer. As I mentioned in the post, this is the trailer for the pitch trailer. It may sound funny but it really is a trailer of a trailer ahah. We'll be releasing the pitch trailer next year, and in that there's gonna be the context for the story, so good guys, bad guys, goals, etc.

Furthermore, it won't feature the VHS filter all over it, so the shots will not be affected. Also, the "actors" in it are all my friends, and they really aren't actors, but I'll tell Rebecca you liked her, maybe she'll finally change her mind and become a real actress after all ahah.

Anyway, thank you very much for your opinion! It really means a lot to me 🙌
Anyway, thank you very much for your opinion! It really means a lot to me 🙌

You're welcome. I listed a lot of what I said, because you asked for that angle. But, when I watched it, I was impressed. Really nice editing. Good luck with it. I like sci-fi and the 80's, so you've got something retro cool going. Yes, tell Rebecca that she has a good look for movies.


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Love it! Popping the tape in the VCR to also see a screen being watched, to the bonus ending of the valuable VHS tape with cheesy effects. Mighty Morphin action in between with VHS effects. Kudos!
I dig it! Where can I see the actual film film?
I would love to watch it. I really dig low budgey scifi stuff.
It's coming out probably next year.

Also I'd like to point out, it's gonna be a really different kind of sci-fi experience, unlike anything you've ever seen. I hope it will make people reflect upon the way we are living, and to understand the urge for a change. That said, most movies realize it by showing the worst possible outcomes we can achieve (ecological/nuclear disasters, robot dystopias, etc.). I chose to show instead the present, twisting a little bit current technology in order to make it look futuristic; but, you'll notice it for yourself, the premise of that world is not very different from ours.

Anyway, thank you very much for your interest!