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  • I think I saw that a while back, as a work in progress maybe?

    Tbh, I really don't "get" most experimental film... though I do enjoy it for what it is (or appears to be).

    Several shots could have used the benefits of a tripod. If handheld is the best you can do then AEFX has excellent motion-tracking options to stabilise footage. (Thinking of the final long shot, in particular here... looks like footage of a projected image or painting?)

    Keep at it!
    No, I didn't get a PM... I won't say anything too bad about Dov because as much as I hated his seminar, everyone else loved it.
    Stick to your guns, porkchop. :cool:

    Writers for the Daily Show (and other topical tv shows) don't get the luxury of months to turn out their material; more like hours, at times. Exercises in discipline will pay off in the long run.
    Hey :) Thanks for the love, much appreciated.
    You can pm me feedback if you want, but the stuff I'm writing for Kady isn't really what I'm working on right now. I'm editing my first script and I keep writing this other stuff just to shake things up, so I don't become bogged down in my other story. If that makes sense.
    So yeah, feel free to tell me what you think and I'll stow it in my memory bank for when I get to doing Kady properly.
    I shouldn't refer to a script by the main characters name. That makes things sound weird.
    Haha, wow, thanks for the bio :D I think the only French movie I've ever seen is Amelie, so yeah, I'm not really familiar with foreign cinema. I'm not even really that familiar with Australian cinema! Lol.
    I don't have netflix, but I'll try and get a hold of the titles you mentioned, Band of Outsiders and Breathless.
    Thanks again, that was really nice of you :)
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