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    Need help with a movie title...

    I could see how you could confuse both countries since they both start with an I :rolleyes: :P
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    Is SKype still free? and will it still be free in 07?
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    Happy B-Day, Filmjumper!

    Happy Birthday and uhh no one said Happy Birthday on my B-Day But Happy Birthday FilmJ
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    Happy Turkey Day

    Happy Thanksgiving. I hope yours was a good one. And happy umm.. Happy Days to non Americans too! :yes:
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    Who wants to read a script??! Yay!

    from what i read (up to the bar scene) it's been pretty decent but Seymour doesnt strike me as a country name. maybe Ned or Jed or even Billy Joe. Seymour is kind of the Name your class Nerd would have. But, thats the only thing I would change.
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    3D Artist

    wow sorry, i read this late. if you go to there are alot of student 3D artist who will help you out. I'de do it, but Im not good at modeling. And Im a bit rusty with 3D studio max. they have a live chat on irc as well. some guys will do it for points and just the experience.
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    Jesus Camp

    what I saw of it was disturbing. they had a large lifesize cutout of President bush on this stage and had all the children bowing down to it and praising President Bush as their leader. Now, correct me if I am wrong, but "Though shall not worship false idols?"?
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    Who wants to read a script??! Yay!

    just link it.
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    watch New VIDEOS!!!!

    Dont you want to put this into the screening room? :huh:
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    Kisses And Caroms on DVD at WalMart

    Just saw the film. Very funny Vince. curious what format of filming did you use. 35mm or digital? Good sound. Very professionally done. I was a bit distracted though during some of the scenes cause I was trying to read what the tattoo said on her... oh wait. I should use a spoiler :P
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    Calling all Comedy Lovers

    I would have responded but your manboobs frighten me. Kidding aside, I didnt see the thread. I will check it out because I'm a huge fan of Mike. I just dont like King of the Hill that much. It's a bit to "Walton'ish" for me. Maybe I would have enjoyed it when I was younger. As stupid as beavis...
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    Jesus Camp

    strange Poke, i came across this movie just the other night when Looking at new releases for 06/07. As a christian myself, I am not even closely offended by your comments. I think there are way too many religious cults out there that are trying to condition the minds of our children. That is...
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    Crocodile Hunter Dead

    there is some truth to that. I agree, But, You can't be good at what you do if you're not cocky. It becomes a bit of a job hazard to have that attitude, but, Thats what made him good at what he did. You wouldnt get me near a crock because I'm not a cocky person unless I feel threatened. I dont...
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    Kisses And Caroms on DVD at WalMart

    Oh yeah, that too. :yes:
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    Kisses And Caroms on DVD at WalMart

    I'll start over and say "best wishes Vince". I didnt bother throwing wishes at you since You finsihed doing what you set out to do. :) but, I will buy a copy if I come across it at Walmart. Also, Yeah, I didnt know what to make of that comment "Sloppy and Hillarious". Are they trying to say its...