Happy Turkey Day

Loud Orange Cat

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For those of you who like the bird's white meat, read on:

We tried something different this year for Thanksgiving. We got a turkey that you bake in a sealed bag full of broth, but this year we tried something new.

We turned the bird upside down (breast down) and cooked it that way so the boiling broth would cook the breast directly. We were told that this makes the white meat so tender, it slides off the bone. I cut the meat with a dull butter knife.

It was true. I've never had a more tender turkey breast in my life.

I highly suggest it.
LOC - the inverted broth bag sounds great!

Has anyone tried deep-frying a turkey? I've heard it's all the rage but can't find anyone with first-hand experience.

We spent a traditional Thanksgiving with the Native Americans (okay, it was at Foxwoods - a tribal casino in Connecticut but it sounds traditional.) I managed to extend my winning streak there... winning 15,000 quarters on a slot machine (that's $3,750, a LOT of quarters!)
I deep-fried a turkey (well, I've stood next to a turkey as it was deep-fried) before last year's Northwestern/Michigan game. It was great. Takes about 30 minutes if memory serves me correctly. Very juicy. I recommend making french fries as well to serve with the most unhealthy cheese sauce recipe you can find. Just have to be careful when lowering the bird in... we ended up deep-frying a hand towel as well.