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  1. watch Lake Monster WIP

    Latest update, sculpted in more detail and went a bit over the top...but that's how I like my monsters lol! Reminds me of the old Godzilla type monsters, really enjoying this project.
  2. watch Lake Monster WIP

  3. watch Bama Bound: Episode 2

    Just finished this last night and wanted to share with you guys. Long story short, I started making a series of videos to entertain some friends on Facebook. The web series is called Bama Bound, it's a comical set of short 3-5 minute videos about a guy who goes around Alabama investigating...
  4. watch Lake Monster WIP

    Current project is a short live action film with a CGI lake monster in it. I decided to model a quick concept model in Blender, to help figure out how this thing will look and move. The link below is to the folder of WIP pics, from my Facebook folder. Will update this thread with more pictures...
  5. watch Slender Man Camera Tracking Test

    Thanks, and I agree about looking 2d. The footage was so blown out that it made blending the elements together an issue.
  6. watch Slender Man Camera Tracking Test

    Hello all, just finished this little camera tracking test and figured I would share it with you guys. I decided recently to start working only in the open source program called Blender. Long story short, it can do everything from edit 3D modelling and compositing as well. It has a...
  7. Star Wars VFX WIP

    I know it was used exclusively on Battle Star Galactica because of what you just mentioned, quick turn around time. Looking forward to seeing the rest of your work.
  8. Star Wars VFX WIP

    You're welcome! I see that you are using Lightwave, use Blender myself. Don't run into too many Lightwave users, is it a difficult program to work with?
  9. Star Wars VFX WIP

    Wow these look great! The models blend very clean with the back plates, and the lighting is so good that it looks natural...instead of CGI rendered light that most fan films have. Keep up the good work!
  10. watch Ufo abduction Test #1

    Thanks, I could use some more lighting to spice it up.
  11. How do you guys get in the zone?

    It's definitely all about the music for me. I have playlists for different genres and they help me lock into that zone. What I like to do is put on my head phones and imagine for a while...let the images come to me as if I was watching a movie in my head. Then I just write what I saw in my mind.
  12. watch Our knife fight scene. I'm not proud of the product, but I'm proud of my crew =)

    It may not have turned out how you imagined, but it was a good and entertaining episode. Like the others who commented...I subscribed too. Keep up the good work!
  13. watch Ufo abduction Test #1

    Thank you, it was a learning experience for sure. Originally I had planned to do the light connection, and honestly got lazy toward the end of the process. I spent so much time figuring out the compositing that i was exhausted. Been working on a new shot for about two weeks now...I learned a...
  14. Filming more often

    Not sure why you got flamed for that, i thought it was good...especially for a beginner who is still figuring it out.
  15. Filming more often

    I like the way you cut the text overlays, very stylized. I had an audio issue earlier myself...facebook sped up my video and slowed down the audio lol