Wow this site looks different. It's been a minute.

Hello Everyone,

It's funny this is the first site I found when I made my feature at 17. Posting 17, 5 years ago triggered a few folks. Good times. Since then I have graduated from College and I'm in a few things on Netflix. I took a much needed mental break as I was just tired of being on sets. The real acting on sets was awesome. Season 2 American Vandal ep. 1,2,4, Happy Hunting, The UnMiracle.. Regionrat on every other platform. For you older peeps I'm in the Valley Girl remake but they have shelved it and I'm not sure it's ever getting released. Ahhh Roach with Casper Van Dien is supposed to be released this year. I have a supporting role so I'm sure I'll find out when the public does. But I paid rent, ate and lived by being an extra and audience Member while in college. It was brutal especially when I got a callback for a few movies/tv shows didn't get the part and then watched via background as the other guy said "my" lines. 13 Reasons Why, Shameless come to mind. I'm not bitter :)

Anyways, I want to make a short. But I want to do if for fun and the love like when I made short films at 8 years old to my teenage years. Where I did it because at that time I wanted to be a movie star. haha.. No pressure, just do it to do it. I want to do a 3-4 minute short where I play a few different characters in the same scene. So the short has 4 characters and they are all me and they are all in the same scene. Anyone in LA want to shoot and edit something like that also for the fun of it.

I have lunch and beers/soda. 50 bucks. So not much and I'm sure that eliminates most people but maybe there is someone here (So Cal) also tired of the grind that just wants to do something and not stress about it. Obviously, you have to know how to do that. Actually, it would be great if someone explained how that works. Example where I'm sitting on the couch with 2 other people but all three played by me.

Looks like this site still has mail. So if you're down please reach out. If not, I hope everyone is doing great and living their dream! I'm totally opened on dates and in no hurry. Just putting it out there. Thanks!
:welcome: back and best of luck!

I remember when you joined, and your passion for acting.
Thanks! I started making shorts at 8 just so I could be the actor. Had to take off that video. But I am ready to find the love (acting/not filmmaking) again and give it another go. Does anyone know how to get the same person playing a different character in the same scene?
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Welcome back! After making 2 features, we've been focusing on micro shorts (under 5 minutes long) over the past few years. It's great to do things that finish in a reasonable amount of time, compared with (a) the features I've made, which took years to do and (b) the feature scripts that I've written for other people, which may or may not get made, and then may or may not get released.

Good luck!
yeah i remember you too. im on the other side of the country though. best of luck with the fun short i'm sure you'll be back in the stressful embrace of big budget films in no time.